Types of Printers

Printer is a hardware (hardware) is connected to the computer. The printer (drukarka) has a function as a tool to produce high / display the data in printed form, either in the form of images or text from paper to a computer or the like. Printers are usually some parts and there is also some kind.

Some parts of the printer, ie:
* Picker as a means of taking paper from the Tray.
* Where to put the paper tray.
* Ink or toner as a printer, which is used to write on paper.

Toner and Ink have different systems;
– Toner or Laser printer devices that need warming
– Ink or Inkjet printer devices that do not need heating, just cleaning the print-head printer.


As for the printer type, there are four kinds. Here’s a fuller explanation of the types of printers:

1. Dot Matrix Printer
Dot Matrix Printer is a printer that uses the ribbon as a printing tool . Because it uses a ribbon to display the output to the paper , the results of the dot matrix printer printing rather rough and not good . By using this printer , can print directly concurrently with carbon . Because its printing systems still use the system beats . Since using the tape as a source of color , the color can be produced was not varied . Only black , blue , and red only. And rarely are able to use these three colors at once .

Print resolution is very low , because the printed image will look like dots interconnected .
This type of printer performance speed is measured by the number of characters that can be printed per second with units of cps (character per second ) . Some of this type of printer speed 500 cps .
Epson Dot Matrix Printers

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To connect with CPUs still use parallel port .
Although this time the printer technology has become more sophisticated , but still produced a dot matrix printer . Because the dot matrix printer can be used to print a copy of the document , which is usually used to create receipts , receipts, and other financial documents .

* Pros :
– Can print copies at once .
– Can print large paper sizes .
– The cost of printer and ink ( Ribbon ) cheap .

* Weaknesses :
– Dpi and low ppm
– Very slow motion
– Her voice is noisy when it works
– The color does not vary .

2. Printer Ink Jet – Desk Jet – Buble Jet
Inkjet printers are devices that print using ink to print . Inkjet is available on the market today have the ability to print up very large paper sizes , and with excellent quality .

Resolution inkjet printers today can reach 5760 × 1440 dpi . At Ink jet printers use a type of technology dor on demand , ie by spraying tiny dots of ink on paper through a nozzle or a very small hole in the pipe . Other technologies developed by manufacturers such as Canon and HP printers using heat , the heat may make the ink bubbles so that if the heat will further depress the nozzle to the specified ink and printed on paper . Because it uses liquid ink prints to wait a few seconds in order to dry .

This type of ink jet printer ink placement and replenishment can be modified by the infusion technique , ie by adding a special ink tubes on the outside of the printer and connected with a small hose to be connected on the printer in the printer engine .

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* Pros :
– Dpi and ppm higher than the dot matrix
– It is easier to print images and colors
– Ability to print to large paper with good quality

* Weaknesses :
– Can not print duplex
– Operating costs are more expensive
– When printing becomes longer

3. LaserJet printer
LaserJet printer is a kind of most excellent quality in the appeal before the two types of printers . Print tool does not use ink but instead uses powdered toner and printing using infra red .

This printer also offers high- speed printing . Even machines that belong to lower class of lasers even this group still has a high speed compared to the Ink Jet printer or Dot Matrix . At least two times faster than inkjet printers . Working similar to a laser printer copier , which uses photographic drum . Quality of the prints produced both fast and sharp .
Epson Laser Jet Printer

Laser printer is ideal to use for those who print very high frequency . Usually the office is office . However, it is also the user’s home using a laser printer . It’s just for color laser printers are similar to inkjet quality , the price can be two times larger than the inkjet printer itself.

* Pros :
– Dpi , very high ppm
– Efficient to print in black and white
– Capacity color more than the other indoor printer .
– The ability to print very fast

* Weaknesses :
– Higher operating costs
– It can not be used continuously.

4. Thermal Printer
Thermal printers are very distinct and different from the normal inkjet printer or laser printer. Just as the name implies, thermal printers use heat to print on paper, not the ink cartridges used by other types of printers. With this technology, thermal printer makes no noise (even some kind of no sound).

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This printer can also print out very quickly because it does not use the pins as in the dot matrix printer. This printer has a higher price on dot matrix, but instead with dimiliknya excess thermal printer was causing a lot of wear.

* Several usability thermal printer are:
– Print receipt at the pump
– Machine queue
– ATM machine
– Information kiosk
– Point of sales systems such as in the checkout
– Etc..

To use this printer depends on the efficiency, necessity, quality and quantity of the print-out that we want.

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