Tips Maintaining Cleanliness in Home

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A system or a simple and effective services will keep your house clean. The house cleaning service is in australia, so make sure your house is in the location that can be reached by this service. The main concept of this service include: dusting, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, vacuuming, doing maintenance jobs for the house.

There is a saying that your home is a reflection of the personality of its inhabitants. Therefore, to show good personality and fun, not hurt you to take care of the cleanliness of each side of your house. Starting from the yard, the living room, the floor and walls and bathrooms,

In addition to being a reflection of the nature of its owners, the house is clean and tidy as well as residents to make you comfortable and at ease spending time in the house. Oiya, cleanliness is here not only dust but also care for the integrity of the home such as paint menggelupas or leak in the bathroom.


Well, to find ways to care for the beauty and comfort of your home, here are some tips that you can practice.

Cleaning crust stuck on the bathroom floor
The problem that often arises in your bathroom is attached to the crust stubborn and hard to remove. If all this time you’ve tried to clean up in many ways, well scrubbed with soap or stone, he is a powerful way that you can use to clean the bathroom floor. Rub stubborn crust with pumice soap and water and then rinse with water until clean. And to clean baknya, you can use citoenzuur (citric acid) were sown on a wall inside or outside and bottom of the tub that has been soaked before. Once sown, you leave for one hour until the acid reacts sitratnya. Then, busi and flush with clean water and rinse. Furthermore, dry with a dry cloth. Oiya, citric acid or citric also called shaped white powder you can buy at the store supplies cake.

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Fixing a cracked tile
Floor tiles cracked carefully removed so that the ceramic does not come apart intact. Nat scraped with a sharp object. After the pair removed or broken floor to the bottom floor is the basis, then a replacement floor tile installed.

If the damaged tile grout, grout cleaned first by scraping.
Then grout flushing with clean water. Furthermore, a gap filled with a grout mixture and let it soak a little liquid to the inside. By the time half the field was still dry, followed by a more viscous mixture and pressed so solid. Before the entry mongering, filler material remains scattered on the floor wiped with a dry cloth.

Paint the walls that are not easily peel
In order for a coat of paint on the walls is not easy to peel, the use should be limited only as plamur cover the cracks in the walls smooth hair. Often we make the mistake of using plamur as a primer layer. Material plamur not made to bind the paint so if it continues to be used in the process of painting, the paint will easily peel. When painting on the wall should be chosen with care.

If the painting done in the rain, the paint will take longer to dry. Similarly, if a painting done on a very hot sun conditions, the results are less good. The results paint on the outside surface (the wall) will dry up earlier than the inside. This could potentially cause the paint cracks, bubbles or peeling. The ideal time to do the painting was in dry conditions and not when the sun is very hot.

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Nailing the wall without cracking
Often we nailed wall frames for pocket or household accessories, but we find dingding be cracked. This happens not because of a mixture of species that are less good but because we do not know how to nail the right wall. The trick is to give the tape cross on the wall before nailing the wall surface, and then nailed to a cross in the middle of the tape earlier. Once completed, the tape is released slowly as needed.

If the wall material is less quality, so if nailed, the wall will fall. How to fix remedy is pour two to three tablespoons of vinegar on the wall that was about nailed. Wait until dry and then nailed to the wall.

Caring for the door and window frames
Frames and windows of your home, sometimes an easy target animals that make wood termites on your window sills and become brittle. So, to overcome this, the way is to mix 3 1 diesel oil and then stir until smooth. The mixture is applied evenly throughout the surface of the timber to mix oil and diesel are completely dry. Once that was done the painting on the wood surface. It can also be pre-painted, wooden surfaces coated anti-fungal to prevent attacks from termites.

Eradicate the fungus
To overcome mild mushroom and recently attacked parts of the house on the walls and ceilings or even furniture, you can use vinegar, fungicides (fungus killers) or a liquid disinfectant. The trick, vinegar soaked rags, added to the part with the fungus slowly so that mold spores do not fly everywhere. Sweeping repeated with vinegar and fresh cloth. Brush is not recommended to clean the mold because it will make the spores spread to other places, such as sticking to the furniture, sofa or inhaled by humans.

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If the fungus attack is long and quite severe, such as the ceiling effect

leaks, and leaks repaired promptly replaced or repainted ceiling. Sanitary installations also need to be protected from damage and leaks that are not the cause of the fungus.

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