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In this life, many activities of human beings to fill their lives. Both activities to meet the spiritual needs and activities to meet the physical needs. There are positive and which are negative. But the real reality, many human beings who tend to opt for a negative act. One of them came from the students in the world. If they got a job or when repetition and exams, most of them cultivate cheating activities.

Among current students, they just think fast to complete the tasks given to cheating. Though these activities are not actually build good character. Moreover, if the activity is cultivated in every act, then no one else if they are actually more difficult to leave it.


Actually, it’s cheating, fueled by several factors. Among others, because of necessity. The pencontek-pencontek master was forced to cheat because maybe he wants to get good grades. There is also another factor behind cheating, that is because they are familiar with the activity. And cheating is a bad habit. However, in this life it increasingly widespread cheating among students. Such cheating homework or assignments given by Mr. Teacher, when National Exam cheating takes place.

Many cases are often circulated among teenage students, one of them is cheating. Even the percentage of cheating during exams take place increasingly bloated each year. If this activity continues to grow among our students, the state bagimana selnjutnya education in this country?
According to Islamic teachings, as well as stealing cheating. In fact, it’s stealing is prohibited, even forbidden by Islam because it resulted in the victim suffering. Likewise also with cheats. So basically, it’s cheating activity copy the work of others and steal the work of others without permission from the owner.

In Indonesia today, requires a new generation of honest and responsible. Because, the life of the nation and the country is now filled with scribbles vices, such as rampant corruption, bribery, embezzlement of state money, and much more. Therefore, begin life without cheating, budayakanlah honesty. In order for the nation and the country is a country fair.

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