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Pakar SEO – Research Papers Writing Tips | Writing research papers that have a variety of forms. Therefore here we will share tips research paper writing is good and right. The simplest (and most concise) is a paper commissioned by the faculty member who you follow. This usually requires only research libraries in the library and the internet. Other forms (and longer) is the thesis or final project was to write student of S-1. Similarly thesis program S-2, S-3 program dissertations and research reports funded by sponsors and private funded (for a promotion). Scientific work such as this often require field research (information or data obtained dai field) wrote the works of different functions and objectives, but the steps are basically writing about the same. Therefore, the basic mastery of writing this paper is based peneliltian will greatly assist you in the completion of college studies (especially in thesis writing, thesis, or dissertation) as well as in your career after graduation.

Because it is actually research-based papers are research reports, then, to be able to write it, of course you should do your research first. It means that you should have researched the topic by reading a variety of information source such as books, magazines, newspapers, and articles on the internet (research libraries). Depending on your topic, sometimes you also have to conduct interviews or surveys, or even experiment (field research). Information (usually referred to as data) that you collect from sumbe-these resources then you use to support your opinion in the paper.

Writing papers also require documentation of the sources of your information in the form of footnotes or endnotes. In this way, readers know where you are getting that information so that they can assess whether the information is reliable or not.

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Here are 9 steps you can follow to write a research paper based.

  • Choose a topic of your paper.
  • Looking for resources.
  • Membacar information source and make notes.
  • Organize ideas / thoughts you based on information that has been collected ..
  • Write the first draft.
  • Use footnotes or endnotes to document the source of your information.
  • Write a bibliography.
  • Revise your first draft.
  • Tidy up the details.

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