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Hello my friend all, here I will review the site where you can shop electrical goods are like laptops, cameras and more. established in 2010. The main objective of the company is to offer consumers a convenient tool for comparison of prices of goods and services offered by different service providers. For this purpose, company’s website, which is a source of information, the independent price comparison and free of Moldova. is the only portal in Moldova, which allows consumers to compare prices from different stores and different suppliers. This is a unique and revolutionary Moldovan market, contributing to the development of on-line consumer culture and the promotion of electronic commerce.

Healthy competition is the basis of the success of the business sellers and consumers – ensuring an excellent ratio between price and quality. Development of fair competition, it is necessary to ensure access to information for all market participants. At present, current and complete information is the key to beginning any kind, whether it’s opening a business or purchase goods. Therefore, on the website you will find information only some “fresh” and the full price of goods and services. In addition to the actual information offers practical tools to process them – search, select, compare prices – that will allow you to access data not only necessary but also quick and easy to do.


On this site, you will find prices from online stores that offer a wide variety of goods and services. These products meet the multimedia household goods and electronics for kids, home and garden goods, furniture, travel, gifts, clothing and more.

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In you will find not only the price, but also other information that will simplify the purchasing process and allows you to compare prices to make savings. These include the technical characteristics of goods, with an explanation of certain terms and conditions of the implementation of shopping at online stores and real comments buyers and sellers. offer a comprehensive solution that will not only help consumers, but SICE, which plans to open a business that can use the site as a tool for market analysis, supply and price structure currently several other goods and services.

 If you want to buy the product in, you just need to click to be directed to the online store where you can place your order.

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