Learning From Example Short story about Friendship

Here I will give an example of a personal essay about friendship. You try to take a walk to the bookstore and see, what the theme of the story embellished stories in the book are lined up neatly in his closet? Of course, the theme of love always dominate. But themes book about friendship is also not less interesting to read. Because of lack of available books and many short stories about friendship. We’re going to have trouble finding examples of short stories of friendship.

Many examples of friendship stories created ole writers for a variety of short stories written and written off. We not only can read a short story of friendship that exist only in stores that sold a lot of books, but we can also make a short story or the experience of friendship in accordance with our own story. As we read examples – examples of short stories of friendship that exist in the bookstore, then we can also create our own stories persahabtan.

Short story or crepen about this friendship can we create based on personal experience or another, so that way it would be easy for us to make verpen persahabatn of our own making. It really allows us to make a short story a friend, because in general we all have a story to his friend.


In general, short story depicts the lives of a lot of friends are the best friends are full of stories both thick and thin, sometimes there is also a short story that recounts the conflict between friendship companionship in the friendship stories. Cerpe persahabatn indeed many stories, ranging from introductions, friendship, to become friends.

Here is the interesting thing we can write a short story dala friendships we make. We can use the channel into a short story of friendship. However, we need to remember, too, narration – narration in the story is do not be too long, because as we already know that we will make is that short stories short story story – the story is told in it becomes dense and short.

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Examples persahabtan stories can we get many majala – magazines, books kiumpulan erpen, and other sebagaiay as a reference in making ang short story we will create. However, it should not always be seen as a reference manufacture persahabatn our stories. We can also use our personal experiences in making our friendship stories. It will be easier for us to make a short story of friendship because we just write our experience of friendship that we experienced.

Examples of stories of friendship is indispensable for those who want to write short stories and novels on the theme of friendship. If colleagues all want to learn to create stories of friendship, I will give you a few snippets of writing short stories in the example of friendship.

Tips And Samples Sample Short Story Short Friendship

In making an example of friendship stories there are several things to consider. Because in terms of storytelling definitely different love story. Love story is usually told about the love life of romance between couples who fell in love. As for the stories persahabtan talk about the ups and downs in friendships established by two or more people. Not that it’s all make a difference in the story of love and friendship, but there are also some other things that distinguish the short stories of love and persahabatn that we can read.

1. In the short story you have to write friendship rituals unique friendship and later can be conflicts between friends. Suppose ritual while watching a DVD together maskeran or ritual play basketball in the afternoon. It will certainly add a natural feel in the story persahabatn we make so that we make a short story to be one that could be a short story persahabatn experienced by the people in the story of the friendship. not just a ritual – a unique ritual that we can tuck in the story of our friendship, we also can add some memorable stories in the example of friendship that we make so that memories can be used as a conflict or an interesting story in the story of our friendship. example of a ritual – a unique ritual in this example we can selipakn persahabatn stories will involve;

“After an argument with Santi it hurt my heart. I’ve never felt so betrayed like that. Since childhood, he just wants to be friends with me. He was the best friend the only one who really mattered to me. But now we can no longer even make an example of friendship stories together. Usually mala he was in my mini, maskeran together and watch DVDs. But, ah … all gone. “

2. When creating stories of friendship, you should not be too much character companions. Because the stories are short and dense conflict. Just 1 or 2 friends just to be conflict. Like the story of the friendship that occur in the real world, the story of friendship biasnay ​​consists of two to a few people. In this instance you should persahabatpun cetpen figures – the main character in the story is not much. Despite the fact that many of us who make friends with some people to be a group. In this instance it’s good friendship stories we write the characters in the stories are no more than 4 people, because it will make the stories interesting to read and was impressed lighter read. Here is an example of friendship stories with only three characters;

“Dean does not want anymore staring Danu, as well as Galuh. They both passed Danu coldly. Danu itself no longer feel the warmth of friendship the three of them. “

3. Another example is the short story of friendship should be no conflict always happens in friendship. Suppose seize girlfriend, forget the birthday of her best friend, did not visit a sick friend, or divulge personal friend’s deepest secrets. It will then become part of the climax of the short story of friendship that we make. Conflict – fresh and real conflicts will increase mearik of stories that we make. In this conflict, a story or a story of friendship becomes boring. we can also add conflict where there is a betrayal in persahabaan who became a boomerang in the life stories of friendship in which we created them.

Things like that can be a major conflict in the short story to make an example of friendship. But remember, not too long-winded in making conflict. For a short story, just one conflict are developed. Conflicts were selected as part of the climax of our stories is useful to make a more solid storyline engikuti namuna fixed and can be understood by the reader later.

4. Things to be discussed again in the short story of friendship set an example of style. Tell two people who are friends is different from telling two lovers. This is certainly considered by our bagiamna harislah style gathering in the story of friendship. As has been described above that the short story is very different from the short story of friendship love romance tells the story of love between two couples who fall in love.

So some of the things we make as tips dapa light to make friendship stories. Make an example of stories of friendship is not as difficult as we thought. We can relate erita friendship we have intertwine with our friends and then make it as a story of friendship set out in the story.

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Hopefully these tips are lightweight short story about friendship above example could be useful for those who just started writing short stories about friendship. Because of sincere friendship at this age is very rare. And hopefully with the short story will keep readers intrigued friendship careful to always keep and maintain friendships.

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