Definition of Essay and 6 Types of Essay

The essay is a prose that discusses a problem on the face of personal perspective of the author. Known essayist essayist. The essay as a form of composition can be informal and formal. Essay informal conversations use language, form greeting “me” and as if he was speaking directly to the reader. The formal essay serious approach. The author uses all the writing requirements.

There are six types of essays, namely:

  1. Descriptive Essay. This type of essay can meluliskan any subject or object that can attract the attention of the author. He can describe a house, shoes, recreation and so on.
  2. Editorial essay. Essays of this type can be seen in newspapers and magazines. This essay has a special function, which describes the views and attitudes of the newspaper / magazine on the topic and issues in society. With essay header, the newspaper shaping public opinion. Newspaper headlines do not need to be accompanied by the author’s name.
  3. Character Essay with cut. This essay allows the writer to expose some aspects of the life of one individual to the reader. Through the character with cut stance that readers know the author personally exposed to the type. Here the authors did not write a biography. He just chose the main parts of the life and character of the person.
  4. Personal essays, essays about the same as with cut character. However, personal essay written by the individual is on his own. The author would declare “I am me. I’ll tell you my life and my outlook on life. ” He was about himself unmasked.
  5. Reflective Essay. Reflective essays written formally in a serious tone. The author reveals a deep, earnest, and carefully several important topics related to life, such as death, politics, education, and human nature. This essay is addressed to scholars.
  6. Critical Essays. In this essay the author criticism focuses on the description of the art, for example, painting, dance, sculpture, sculpture, theater, literature. The essay could be written about the criticism of traditional art, the work of an artist in the past, about contemporary art. This essay readers to raise awareness about the author’s thoughts and feelings about the artwork. Literary criticism concerning the so-called literary criticism.
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