7 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks

Good Morning blogger friends, in the morning that’s wishy washy (Pansa not, the rain did not) I will share tips on how to get quality backlinks easily, and for free. But before we talk more about baklink, I will try to explain my understanding of backlinks.

What is a Backlink?

Backlinks, links or backlinks is a reciprocal relationship between two or more websites / blogs in the form of anchor text that point to your website / blog. For example, a website link in the site B and site B is on site A. The bottom line is that backlinks balink link or a link that when clicked will lead to a web page / blog.

Backlink role in Blogging


In the world of blogging and SEO backlinks are one of the factors that may determine or affect the amount of traffic / visitors of a blog / website. The more the number of backlinks from a blog / website then the greater the chance to get more visiotr / blog visitors. In addition it also determines How popular backlinks a site. Backlinks are also often linked with PageRank, according to the article I’ve read on other blogs, that to be able to get Google Page Rank blog, we must have a lot of backlinks than the number of outbound links (links out). Here are some ways to find backlinks:

How to Get Backlink

Getting backlinks is actually very easy, as long as we know how. If the way we are doing wrong then maybe we can attempt to find backlinks in vain, because it is considered SPAM by search engines. Therefore here I want to share tips on how to find an effective and quality backlinks:

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1. Blog wakling
What is a blog waklink? blog walking is the activity of visiting other blogs. But to get a backlink from blogwaklink, there are some that we have to do, for example by leaving a comment on any blog that we visit.

2. Buy Links
With the purchase of links, such as a blogroll or a contextual link, you will get quality backlinks. Because you can choose a quality website and one niche with your blog.

3. Commenting on Blogs Dofollow
What is a blog dofollow? dofollow blog is a blog that has a link in the comments with dofollow status (rel = “dofollow”), where the link will be followed and further explored by the search engines like google, etc., so that the link will be considered as a backlink.

4. Exchanging Links (Link Exchange)
Exchanging links is one way in which bloggers to get baclink by exchanging links with each other and then put it on their blog. For example, site A website put links in a web page, and vice versa.

5. Submit to Web Directory Dofollow Blog
By submitting a blog / website to multiple directories dofollow also the more backlinks that we get.

6. Submit Articles to Social Bookmarking Sites
In addition to the web directory submit blog, we also have to submit articles to many social bookmarking sites dofollow blogs to many visitors.

7. Promote your blog / article at the World Social Networking
Yup exactly once, do not just make a facebook, twitter, etc., as a place to chat wrote, but also use the site to promote your blog / website, so that your site becomes more popular.

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