7 Tips for Choosing Web Hosting

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Like it or not, web hosting is one of the vital key to a blog or website. And as we know, web hosting is divided into two: free web hosting and paid web hosting.

I prefer to pay for hosting the flexibility and advantages of its features. In addition, I also had read some article stating some free web hosting has some crucial problems.

Now this is to choose a web hosting arguably not as easy as turning the palm of the hand because of the large hosting providers with a variety of deals. Below are some considerations that are important to me in choosing a hosting:


1. Number of Subscribers

Of course, this parameter can be debated. However, for me the number of customers is important. The more the number of customers of a hosting provider, the better service and quality hosting provider. Logically, if the bad service, the customer will automatically be disappointed and leave the hosting provider concerned.

2. Customers renowned

Of the number of subscribers, I would like to know if there are bloggers the world to use a hosting provider that I want to select. I finally did some research online and found that some bloggers are using the hosting world.

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3. Speed ​​Server

I wanted a blog that I have a fast loading time. Besides can be accessed with slow connections, fast loading time readers of this blog makes me comfortable, without having to wait for a slow loading time.

4. Bandwidth

Substantial bandwidth required when visitors and a high number of page views. It is important to me because there are some blogs that I set to encompass thousands of visitors from social bookmarks sites. In short, when a flood of visitors, my blog does not hang (down).

5. Price

Cheap price does not guarantee that the hosting is good. So, I do not choose cheap hosting, but also choose the hosting is expensive. To find out, I compared several hosting providers in the country.

6. Customer Service

Professional hosting providers must pay attention to customer service. Therefore, I try to contact customer service via chat hosting provider to ask beberpa thing I want to know. Good response showing professionalism.

7. Can Add On Domains

Add on domain is a domain that is added in a single hosting account. Thus, we could have some multiple blogs in one account at no extra cost.

That’s my tips in choosing a paid hosting. Hope it helps you unfamiliar in choosing web hosting.

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