3 Lessons Blogging From Harlem Shake

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Harlem Shake called – described as a competitor that can beat the popularity of Gangnam Style with dances like horses.

Harlem Shake is not much different from Gangnam Style, both Innovative, Creative, and Have Characteristic. In the first month since uploaded on Youtube, Harlem Shake dance has spread rapidly to various parts of the world.


Similarly, Gangnam Style, Harlem Shake blogging can also provide lessons for us all:

Lesson # 1 – Display Not Everything.

Harlem Shake with no irregular dance can hypnotize many eyes that looked, to me there is no element of art in it, but why many people preferred?.

Thus bloggingpun world, blog design can be likened to the display. Someone saw a blog that looks not neat or random mess, but he’s always visiting the blog. Why, because the blog is providing useful content for the person.

Lesson # 2 – Trend Dedicated.

I had been still not meeting an erratic dance like Harlem Shake and the more surprising that the dance is very popular. This proves that the trends that are rarely used can reap success.

If you always load content popular content, I am sure you will find it difficult in the competition. Make content that is different from the others, rest assured that the content is different you can be the most popular content.

Lesson # 3 – All Can Succeed.

Harlem Shake comes with dance Fresh and awut awutan can reap success may be evidence that all of the dances can be successful even if it’s ugly though.


In the world of blogging, there are times when we encounter a blog that’s pretty heavy load on the issue, and a very dazzling eyes, surely most of us would think the blog is a blog that is very ugly. But after we scroll down to the blog turns Footer air visitor 10,000 – 20.000/hari and generate huge amounts of money from blogging activity.

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